Diva Tasting: Free Food In Your Yard…

Survival in Hard Times Free Food in your Yard
We’ve been ranting for weeks about survival in this madness. Everywhere spring is springing and there is a yard full of healthy delights if you just look. They all need to be soaked in vinegar but its there, free and healthy. Below is one of the resources I used. Find The resource you like but for goodness sake give them a try you’ll be glad you did. “Free Food”. I like making salad or wilting greens from this list. All depends on the seasons and your area, of course.  
Here is the resource with pictures and suggestions and cautions:
https://matteroftrust.org/62-edible-wild-plants-that-you-didnt-know-you-can-eat/ 61 Edible Wild Plants That You Didn’t Know You Can Eat
By Colin
You’re  in the woods with some friends and realize neither of you packed enough food, what’s your first instinct? I certainly wouldn’t panic and neither should you. You are probably armed with tools in your backpack. Combine that with the Earth vast variety of natural foods; you should have little problem in getting nourishment. What then are those food that aren’t only found in restaurants or grocery stores?
This variety of foods include; wild berries, edible plants and even seeds! Sounds questionable? No need to worry as these wild edible plants, berries and seeds, are totally safe for consumption as long as you are certain of their identity when collecting.
If you are at any point unsure of the plant, you can perform the Universal Edibility Test. But! If you not one hundred percent sure of the plant that you are identifying, I would advise against consuming it.
Table Of Content
1. Fireweed
10. Broadleaf Plantain
11. Creeping Charlie
12. Forget Me Not
13. Garlic Mustard
14. Wild Black Cherry
15. Harebell
16. Elderberry
17. Field Pennycress
18. Coneflower
19. Kudzu
2. Dandelion
20. Meadowsweet
21. Mallow
22. Peppergrass
23. Pineapple Weed
24. Pickerelweed
25. Mullein
26. Red Clover
27. Partridgeberry
28. Sheep Sorrel
29. Shepherd’s Purse
3. Chickweed
30. Sunflower
31. Spring Beauty
32. Tea Plant
33. Toothwort
34. Teasel
35. Wild Grape Vine
36. Wild Bee Balm
37. Vervain Mallow
38. Prickly Pear Cactus
39. Herb Robert
4. Curly Dock
40. Mayapple
41. Joe Pye Weed
42. Knapweed
43. Wild Leek
44. Cleavers
45. Cattail
46. Blue Vervain
47. Common Yarrow
48. Common Sow Thistle
49. Coltsfoot
5. Asparagus
50. Fern Leaf Yarrow
51. Henbit
52. Crimson Clover
53. Evening Primrose
54. Downy Yellow Violet
55. Daisy Fleabane
56. Japanese Knotweed
57. Milk Thistle
58. Lambs Quarters
59. Queen Anne’s Lace
6. Chicory
60. Purple Deadnettle
61. New England Aster
7. Wood Sorrel
8. Bull Thistle
9. Alfalfa

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