Diva Musing:Red Flags of Mood Disorders…

Red Flags of Mood Disorders
In this global pandemic we may all feel off center and afraid. However, here are some red flags you may want to consider to keep you fighting fit…
The national Institute of health is constantly publishing articles updating us on the fact that depressive disorders are growing. We will post another article on diagnosing whether or not yours is clinical or a passing sadness or grief.
The feelings of grief, frustration, sadness, should not be ignored but are normal Emotions if not in the extreme.  Emotions if not in the extreme. Young and old have moments where the brain fog hits and we forget things. We forget simple things like where we put our glasses or our dogs name.
Depression on the other hand involves a complete lack of concentration and making decisions. It may even prevent you from wanting to get out of bed in the morning. You may start avoiding human contact.

Statistics have shown that depression is not just a mental disorder. Clinical studies have shown that a major percentage of persons report to their doctor visit for aches and pains. Mood disorders can show up with definite physical symptoms.
You may notice that things that have always brought you joy and happiness no longer interest you. You may have become empathetic to your favorite activities and hobbies. These may definitely be red flags. Often people with depressive or anxiety disorders may also be substance abusers. If you use drugs or alcohol to help treat these feelings it is suggested that you get help immediately.

Several of my friends, who deal in therapy daily, tell me that people should not overlook sleeping irregularities, insomnia, oversleeping, intermittent sleep patterns. These are things you should consult your physician about if you are experiencing them.

We all go through food binges at one time or another… Whether we wish to admit it or not. Some people binge on sweet others on salty. I personally never have a problem with losing my appetite. So I have to watch on the binge issue.  Just know that significant changes in appetite and weight can signal signs of depression. Again consult your physician or therapist.

Agitation, temperaments, and mood swings need to be addressed as well. Just because you throw a temperament does not mean you are depressed. However, if it’s a regular habit you may want to consider it a sign of depression.  Someone chewing food too loud at the table next to you can irritate anyone. However, if thought surface of self harm or desire to hurt someone else, again, consult someone for help at once.

There are unacceptable limits of feeling guilt or self reproach. Deep feelings such as these can often be a red flag to depression. If you constantly feel worthless and have thoughts that you don’t deserve love, this can spiral into a bigger problem. If this spirals into thoughts of self harm or death please seek immediate help. You, me, everyone deserves help when these feelings arise. Get that help sooner rather than later. Sent with love and hope.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista…

*Always consult your professional doctors or therapists for questions about your mental well being & health…

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