Diva Rambling: The Wolf You Feed; Tips to Feed the Good Wolf Part 1…

The Wolf You Feed Tips to Feed the Good Wolf Help Part 1
I once heard on a TV show the legend of the elders tell about the battle of two wolves. One is evil and the other is good. He explains that the same fight is going on within everyone. Of course the young ones asked which wolf will win? “The elder response, “the one you feed.” This is the daily struggle with depression. There is the Wolf of panic and sadness, grief and the Wolf of healing and uplifting. Here some things you might want to remember. To feed the good Wolf!
Every person has her/his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man called when he’s only sad.” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Let depression be your guide, not your downfall. We all wish for more joyful times right now. But I remind myself that I am grateful for what I have learned along the way. I hope I have become a more compassionate person. Shall we chat about some things that we have all learned over time?
You Are What You Eat:
We are probably all sick of hearing this quote, but it is so true. On my blog, every day, I put a new recipe from my archive. By the end of typing a few of those recipes I’m so hungry I could eat the refrigerator. But I remind myself that the law of the universe dictates that for a healthy body I need to consume the correct amount of vegetables, protein, complex carbohydrates, and omega-3 acids. And I try to choose wisely that day.  I’m a foodie so that usually difficult. I know for a fact, from my personal experience, that what I eat definitely affects my mood for the day.
Truth: are used to tell the teams that I worked with when I hired them that I would see that they had the best resume they could hope for if they decided to leave my team and employment.  I would tell them to take with a learn from every job, manager, and coworker, that they had and homogenize it into a personal truth that help make them the best they could be.  So listen to the Doobies and don’t bees and homogenize what’s best for your personal truth in all situations.  Your path to healing and being your personal best is your choice.
STRESS: First of all I don’t think you have to gain much in chronological it years to know that chronic stress makes life worse. Allowing chronic stress in our lives without taking note can definitely worse than our emotional resilience as well as physical. Stress, specifically chronic stress, can cause disease.
The Primal Brain:
Our primal brains… And we all have one… Means that we hear things different from what may actually have been said. Our brains have a negative funnel that drains our thoughts into a pool of negative bias. Once we learn to pay attention to our personal, specific filters, we can become more objective and reach a happier truth.
Success Is An Uneven Progress:
Much research and hundreds of books have been written on the worlds most successful people. They all report one consistent fact. They tell us that the journey to the top of the mountain was filled with hurdles, fails, falls and usually a lot of embarrassment. One thing they all say attributed to their success, generally speaking, was perseverance, persistence, and positive thinking. To paraphrase a quote often cited by Thomas Edison to a young reporter… “Young man, I did not fail over 1700 times to create electricity… I succeeded in finding 1700 ways not to produce electricity. “. When the world gives you lemons… Make lemonade… Or something else delicious you can use.
People Who Need People…
I once read if we don’t get 10 hugs a day that will die 10 years younger. If that’s the case I should’ve been dead 20 years ago. However, I truly believe in hugging and being with people. Right now during this pandemic we can’t do that as much. But we can still reach out,. Right now I am homeschooling my grandchildren who are five and seven and 10 hours away. We get on FaceTime, we watch videos together on our iPads, we laugh, and mom and dad participate in the background. It really, really makes a difference. Find a way, it can be done in This modern world of technology. 
When I was younger I would hear older people tell me that “if you play you must pay! “. As my Jewish friends would say that’s a bunch of Fakakta. Hard work is just as important as meaningful play. From all that I read there’s clinical evidence to prove that meaningful play helps us in the face of stress and keeps us from losing the capacity to heal. Humor is the best medicine in my opinion. 

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