Diva Ranting: Suck it Up Buttercup…

I’m forced to watch the world get all kvetshed over the current global situation.  
(Kvetshed: Definition: to complain or whine about something)
True Grits…(Girls Raised In The South), Jewish mothers, Italian mothers, Indian mothers, etc. (We all know who we are),  They’ve got this pandemic thing covered.  We don’t panic we adapt and overcome.  Like good Marines we can MacGuyver any situation and make things work.  If you are blessed to have one in your household…good for you.  If not it sucks to be you right now. 
“Suck it up Buttercup….” I’m 70 and had the virus with impaired lungs and no Dr. or hospital involved.  It was before there was public awareness.  First Sign of a temperature on Christmas day, I sequestered myself  to keep others safe.  It was common sense.  Don’t get me wrong, it lasted from Christmas until February 22 before I even began to recuperate. By then the news told me what I had.  I was already disinfecting my house and keeping others at bay long before the news hit the headlines. 
I had supplies long before they told us we needed them.  Southern folks raised by depression babies were fortunate we didn’t have to fight the bulk buying crowds.  I am still social distancing myself because it is the ethical thing to do. Please, Please be safe and stay tuned.  We love you and pray for your joy and health.  Namaste, The Queen Cronista…




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