Diva Ranting: Habits of Highly Unsuccessful people….

Most people are highly ineffective. Yes, you heard me. And, if you don’t see it, it means you’re likely one of them. Knowing this should be enough motivation to get you to take action towards accomplishing your way out of this madness before it’s too late. I am guessing that you do not like what I have to say, but you can get everything you want. You only need to raise your awareness to what most people are doing around you.
Some of my best bosses taught me what NOT to do. The same goes for co-workers and watching the crap that visionary management set as operations in most corporate environments. I learned early to observe and stay away from the same mistakes. I learned to homogenize the best into something that works and toss the rest. Its like cleaning out a closet to make it neat and organized.
Here are some suggestions on what NOT to do to stop the madness in your own life…..
1. Most people now a days waste inordinate amounts of time scrolling through social media, watching TV, and Brit-box bingeing.
If you have adequate positive things going on in your life — career, business, health, networking, etc — you wouldn’t have time to be obsessed with consuming mind-numbing content ( not to say some people don’t need that occasionally).
I learned long ago that not only is it NOT useful to be obsessed with consuming copious amounts of social media content, but it’s also counterproductive it drains your life-force. The news, so filled up with tragedies and murder and wars, and domestic violence that it makes one feel like nothing’s worth it. Why bother to do anything if the world sucks? Eventually, you won’t even avoid these things on purpose anymore. They’re so far down the list of good vibrational things to do, that they might as well not exist.
And in case you’re wondering why all of these are bad for you, ask yourself this simple question: what do you gain by watching other people live their lives? Get to know yourself! Stop the tap dancing on twitter and focus on you instead.
2. Others mistake motion for action.
There are two ways the ineffective to go about all projects, no matter what it may be.
  • 1….is to focus on having the idea perfectly set up and designed, on buying expensive camera equipment, on designing the perfect everything…. the most amazing business logo. There’s always more to learn, more to study, more courses to enroll in. more fluff rather than getting stuff done. they’re too busy crafting the perfect Twitter bio that will contain president” in it.
  • 2….is to just do it. Want to write a book? Just type or scribble. Want to start a business? Test market an e-store and try to establish a customer base. Most of the time, you who follow this second route achieve success.
Perfectionists are highly ineffective people. They never get around to get anything done. They dance around the truth, they are afraid of success. There is an old adage….”fail fast and succeed”…!
3. The highly ineffective have a habit of coming up with a plethora of excuses.
The highly ineffective person has about a thousand different reasons why something won’t work. They can also tell you exactly why they aren’t succeeding: they’re either too short, or too tall, or they don’t have enough money, or they parents destroyed them mentally by loving them too much.
The highly ineffective person lives in a world of “if only.”…If only I had more money. Etc. You either have excuses or excellent results.
I once had a lawyer ask me…”what do I need to do to X…” I moved from in front of my computer screen saver, which read…”No excuses, just excellent results”. This is all I have to say on the subject I told him. Those who want to succeed, will succeed regardless of situations, discouragement, or failure. Look at the success stories of the world. The world holds not prejudices. It treats us all equally. It is we who choose to accept the outcomes we choose or not.
4. The highly unsuccessful usually holiday on “Eventually Island” as well.
Eventually I’ll write a book, Eventually I’ll open my own business etc. Life’s a game of frequency. The frequency effect. Bit by the frequency gains momentum in either a good or not so good result. Tuning into the right frequency daily yields unbelievable results. Stop waiting for eventually, because eventually does not have a frequency at all.
5. The highly ineffective/unsuccessful have the habit of giving up too soon.
Even the ineffective person sometimes gets motivated enough to start doing. However, they usually lack perseverance. People who lack perseverance tend to find things too difficult or feel sorry for themselves because there is no-one to help them. They think that they deserve immediate gratification and do not realize the Universe does not always agree. The old expression …”The road to succeeding is paved with good intentions”…is so true. However, the successful person knows that it is also beset with countless setbacks, barricades, and nit picky frustrations. It is also is also a very lonely road.
No one is going to pat your backside or give you warm fuzzy hugs. Just know that success brought on by your own perseverance feels soooooooooooooo grand!!
6. The unsuccessful ne‘er- do -wells just want to“have fun.” (As I recall there is a song to that effect…)
After a long day at work, what do most people do? Well, during the weekend, they go out, drink, and party. The highly ineffective person uses fun as a way to cope with their inability to handle their lives. It’s a coping mechanism that only prolongs the disease of procrastinating. These people are lower than slaves; because of their desires and passions, to their addiction to comfort. Those who are lower than a slave have everything, yet do nothing. Its not what you do not do but why you are not doing what you should be doing. “Actions speak louder than words”.
7. They are locked in scarcity-mode.
So many ineffective people brag and act selfish because they think the world’s not big enough for anyone else but themselves. Many are malignant narcissists. They are constantly trying to get by in life by doing a bit less work than the next guy, and trying to get paid as much as possible for their inability to be effective.
For Example: If you feel that you are being overlooked by your employer, it is likely you are being overlooked because you are trying to do as little work as possible. The employer then, also wants to pay you as little as possible. If you are alone and think there’s something wrong or evil about the others, then likely you are what’s putting out the incorrect frequency to your world. You are in scarcity-mode. You think that you will never find someone to love you back. Scarcity becomes, a habit, and no matter what you have, you will lose it because you are afraid of losing it. To be a wealthy person you must become a wealthy person in your mind. To be loved you must become love. That way you get to keep it all.
Other side-effects of scarcity are complaining, envy, jealousy, and gossiping. Negative conversations with others that you hang around with and dis all your friends who are not there, you are living in scarcity-mode. “You reap what you sow”. If you think the every one is a crook, and that they build their wealth by taking something from you, then you are a prisoner of the ineffective mind.

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