Diva Musing: Influencing Others…

Every time you influence another person to do a better job, you benefit that person and you increase your own value. Napoleon Hill
Someone once said that no one can really motivate anyone else; all we can do is motivate ourselves and hope it catches on. You will probably never know how much you influence others with your behavior. When you always go the extra mile, you will influence those in your circle of friends and acquaintances, your family, your co-workers, and even your bosses to do more and better than they have done before. Your value to yourself and others is greatly enhanced by your ability to influence others to be happier, more productive people. There are no salary caps or career limits for those who lead others to great heights of success. Such people are simply too valuable.
Quotations such as these by Napoleon Hill inspire me even more within my own philosophical spectrum. While in corporate my most enjoyable achievement was to help others achieve their own goals and dreams. I got to be in charge of tuition reimbursement for a fortune 100 company and helping others finish their college dreams was such a rush. If I had the money today I would personally be helping worthy candidates do the same. Find your rush today. What words of encouragement or gifts can you give someone to help them on their way? Namaste, the Queen Cronista…

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