Diva Caring…

New Normal Event 2

Today I was quietly sipping my morning coffee at my favorite watering hole and loud voices from the loan company next door kept coming through the wall. Should I pull my gun and investigate, wait and listen for further proof of chaos, was it just some older person shouting as we do because we ourselves cannot hear? It turned out to be the latter. Thankfully! You don’t want a seventy year old grandma coming after you with her weapon drawn. Much worse than a spanking, it will not end well for you. She will spank you after you are dead.

The fact is the current state of the NON-union in our world makes us now question everything. Not the kinder simpler world we grew up in. In spite of chaos in the 60”-70’S we also had love-ins, peace marches, Martin Luther King setting a good example and many more who put good vibes toward the planet. Not today! Politician full of greed and avarice, foreign groups paying the cruel and stupid to create violence instead of peace.

I pray for my grandchildren, my son who has dedicated 25 years of his life in military service. He and other men and women of our military, always away from friends and family, off in foreign climes, seeing that I wake up each day under the mantle of freedom I so love and appreciate. I salute all peoples of all the world who try to keep the old normal a part of our lives. Please keep trying, for it is your energy and the energy of the innocent that have kept the world from flying off into the galaxy never to be heard of again.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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