Diva Rant: Forced Issues

I must confess that I have put off posting as often because I cannot get this new blog format to respond to anything I need to do. It’s like being forced to live in a masked world where we cannot breathe or function properly.

Is it just me, or are we being forced to do things that make no sense… just to fill the coffers of big business, politicians and special interest assholes? I don’t mind a new normal if it makes sense. But even this website issue is just damn dumb. If I have to waste time everyday trying to get things to be consistent, and can’t because the system is NOT user friendly then what good is it?

In the I’m entitled and you are NOT world, where everyone wants everything on a platter, free… I don’t think I’m asking much to just not take up so much of my /your valuable time with your change is good shenanigans. We the people are NOT buying it!!!

Namaste, The Queen Cronista..

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