Diva Caring: New Normal…


It’s all about perspective…

Part of my family just moved to a Hawiian island. The first weeks there were quarantine, hurricane alerts, beaches shut down, and 2 hour waits in line in the Healthy Food Store… with 3 little boys under the age of 6( AND her spouse away at training for a week). Talk about a shit storm.

Most of us would give anything for a week of vacation on one of these islands. But this type of lifestyle, which is now Hawaii’s new normal, is to some of us …the pits!

It is all about perspective. She is a good soldier and mother so she bucked it up and endured. However, how many of us could have done that? One of the premier vacation spots in the world and COVID has changed it permanently.

She will have to now home school as they are not even having grades K through 3rd this year. How much more crap will this year bring? We can adapt, overcome and endure only so much. I once took a management class where they stated…”People don’t hate change…they hate it all at once”. Incrementalizing has not been an option for many of us this year. It has been more …put up, shut up and get over it politics for everyone; globally.

Yes, we can try to maintain a steady course of positive energy daily. However, our psyches are not constructed to endure constant barraging of lack of freedoms, thoughts and stupidity. It is our wish that each of you can endure the new normal, whatever that is for you, and maintain a steady course of love, and joy. Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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