Diva Chilling: Karma…

Science Doesn’t care.

A friend of mine is always throwing a quote in my face…”Science doesn’t care what you believe!” Of course we agree that science is built on empirical data and facts. However, I’ve decided in meditating on this issue, that it should be extended to say….”Nor do the Karma Cops or the Universe!”

One can puff up about their beliefs and try to shove them down others throats but in the end the Karma Cops will have the last say every-time.

Lately I’ve been hearing of the death of some not so nice people. People who spent their lives lying…mostly to themselves, verbally bullying other and rubbing their wealth in others faces. Now their dead! What did they achieve?

I’ve decided, in these weird and funky times, that the Universe is having it’s say by having the Karma Cops get revenge and culling the herd somewhat. It makes one ponder and evaluate our daily lives a little more if we look at it with this perspective. Are you in good shape if the grim reaper comes calling? Don’t mean to be dark just philosophical.

Meditate on this issue and send us your comments. Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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