Diva Caring: Masked Language….

Is It Just Me-MASKS

I was sitting drinking my coffee at the cafe today and listening to people with masks interacting with the staff and each other. Is it just me, or do you miss the smiles and facial expressions that go along with friendly communications?

I’m having to learn to read faces in a new way. Are those eyes above the mask laughing/smiling, scowling, sad or just squinting? It is NOT a fund game to play. I miss faces and all the expressions that come with them.

Our children for the last two decades have been so glued to their social media tools that they don’t notice or care. I, however, still miss the human contact of a smile even social distanced. Is it just me? The “New World” is now even more faceless, uncaring and stoic.

The Cronistas just want you to know we still love you and miss your faces globally. Please keep smiling under those prison masks and don’t loose your fabulous sparkle!

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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