Diva Tasting: Message On Entertaining…

Diva Message: On Entertaining 

When I worked in corporate America for forty-two years I use to host dinner parties for the out of town lawyers and other professionals in my work arena. It was nothing for my staff to walk up at 4 o’clock and say we want to come to your house for “chicken-S%#!. (One of my recipes they liked a lot). I’d leave, hit the grocer, and have dinner on the table by 6 o’clock.

I was the oldest of five children, and the child of a father who loved to invite guests home with no notice, constantly. He would call and say…”I’m bringing the bank examiners and a few employees home, do Italian, or Greek…” I would ask how many. He would respond “10”. I learned at a young age to double that amount. Dad never stopped until the house was full. That was the Italian in him.

Anyway, we would entertain. As I moved into corporate I discovered how much traveling executives and professionals appreciated the homemade meals on the road. Dinner parties were weekly. However, with this new normal, since the virus, I miss entertaining.

You all are my new tea time and dinner guests. It is my hope that some of the recipes I’ve used for years to entertain, will make it to your table, and entertain those you wish to treat as well.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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