Diva Musing: Traditions…


When my father retired he and the old cronies use to meet at the local fast food each morning at 6 am after his morning run. They talked fishing, world issues and whatever else met the bill that day. They planned community service projects and what they could do to help less the fortunate in the community. I’m sitting here in my office looking out over campus and just saw the “Old Geezers” leaving the coffee shop at the bottom of the hill. They are a church bunch, who meet regularly on Tuesdays. They leave as a group and go to hospitals and to visit shut-ins.

I sit here wondering who the “Old Geezers” of tomorrow will be. These home schooled children who don’t even care about their own education enough to study and do community service work now. Who will be taking care of our community in the future…even 2 generations from now? I’m glad I won’t be around to see. I think perhaps the Christian Bible description of the Tribulation, may in some part, be describing the newer generations resulting world of neglect, apathy, and lack of responsibility.

I meet so many good young people that I still have some hope. However, they, themselves are discouraged with their peers own lack of caring. Many of the “good kids” feel their efforts are in vain. If you have and opportunity today to make a difference or even interact with a young person, make it count. Show them what caring, love, and positive, peaceful, action can mean to their future world. Encourage them to create their own tradition group and make it count!!

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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