Diva Tasting: Soup …Portuguese Chicken Soup

Portuguese Chicken Soup

This is a good recipe a chef at a Portuguese restaurant in New Jersey gave me. I like it thought I’d share.


4 Whole Bone-In Chicken Breast, With Skin

1 Onion, Cut Into Thin Wedges

4 Sprigs Fresh Flat Leaf Parsley

1 Teaspoon Lemon Zest

1 Sprig Fresh Mint

6 Cups Chicken Stock

Cup Thin Egg Noodles

2 Tablespoons Chopped Fresh Mint Leaves

Kosher Salt To Taste

½ Teaspoon Freshly Ground Black Pepper


Step 1 In a large saucepan, simmer chicken breast in stock with the onion, parsley, lemon zest, and mint sprig until done, about 35 minutes.

Step 2 Remove the breast, cool, then strip off the meat and cut into chunks

Step 3 Strain the broth, return to the pot, and bring to a boil. Add pasta and chopped mint. Season to taste with salt and white pepper. Heat until the pasta is cooked al dente.

Step 4 Remove from heat, stir in lemon juice and chicken julienne. Ladle into soup plates and top with lemon slice and mint leaf.

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