Diva Tasting: Spinach Pies…

What Are Fatayer Sabanekh (Spinach Pastries); Baby Spinach Pies


For The Dough:

2 Cans Crescent Rolls

For The Filling:

1 Large Bag Spinach Leaves Or 2 Boxes Grams Frozen Spinach

1 Medium Onion Chopped

2 Lemons

1 Tbsp Sumac

Pinch Of Sea Salt


Spread Rolls out and separate when filling is prepared.

To prepare the filling: (If using frozen spinach then defrost and thaw out the spinach but if using fresh spinach chop the spinach and then you have to squeeze out the juices a little) Saute a finely chopped onion with the spinach, add the lemon, sumac and salt, and let the juices dry out with the heat. Combine onion and spinach well.

Flatten out each crescent roll. Place about a heaping teaspoon in each and bring the corners up to the center to seal. Making sure that the triangles are sealed well, transfer on a baking sheet and brush the pastries with a beaten egg if not vegan, or with almond milk or tea if vegan (to achieve that beautiful golden color).

Bake on the middle rack at 375 Degrees for about 20 minutes or until the tops are golden.

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