Diva Tasting: About Balsamic Vinegar…

About Balsamic Vinegar

I love a good Balsamic Vinegar. Here is an article I found to give us a little hint as to why, with some recipes to try.

Balsamic vinegar is delicious drizzled over salads, of course. But try it in cooked dishes, too. Balsamic vinegar holds onto its spicy kick, balancing the rich flavor of meat, poultry, and fish, and adding welcome acidity to vegetables. Some Italians even toss back balsamic vinegar as a tonic, sometimes mixed with a bit of water.

Try it with

Try balsamic vinegar with figs, strawberries, peaches, and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

Best of:

Traditional balsamic vinegar comes from fermented trebbiano grapes often aged for decades in a series of small barrels. Over time, the vinegar becomes increasingly concentrated into a complex-tasting syrup.

The best balsamic vinegar is Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena. Its honeyed flavor is one of a kind, but it can be expensive. Good thing a little bit goes a long way! For something less pricey, look for balsamic vinegars labeled simply Balsamico di Modena (without the “tradizionale”) or coming from the Reggio-Emilia region of Italy. And keep an eye out for good domestic brands, too.

How to Make Caprese Salad with Balsamic Reduction

Make a beautiful tomato salad with fresh mozzarella, basil leaves, and a generous drizzle of balsamic vinegar and honey reduction.


1 Cup Balsamic Vinegar

¼ Cup Honey

3 Large Tomatoes, Cut Into 1/2-Inch Slices

1 (16 Ounce) Package Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, Cut Into 1/4-Inch Slices

¼ Teaspoon Salt

¼ Teaspoon Ground Black Pepper

½ Cup Fresh Basil Leaves

¼ Cup Extra-Virgin Olive Oil


Step 1 Stir balsamic vinegar and honey together in a small saucepan and place over high heat. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to low, and simmer until the vinegar mixture has reduced to 1/3 cup, about 10 minutes. Set the balsamic reduction aside to cool.

Step 2 Arrange alternate slices of tomato and mozzarella cheese decoratively on a serving platter. Sprinkle with salt and black pepper, spread fresh basil leaves over the salad, and drizzle with olive oil and the balsamic reduction.

Balsamic Vinaigrette


½ Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

½ Cup Balsamic Vinegar

1 Clove Crushed Garlic

1 Teaspoon Ground Mustard

1 Pinch Sea Salt

Ground Black Pepper To Taste


Step 1 In a small bowl, whisk together olive oil, white balsamic vinegar, garlic, and mustard powder. Season to taste with salt and black pepper. Stir in minced fresh herbs if desired.

Strawberries N’ Feta with Balsamic

1 Cup Slivered Almonds

2 Cloves Garlic, Minced

1 Teaspoon Honey

1 Teaspoon Dijon Mustard

¼ Cup Raspberry Vinegar

2 Tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar

2 Tablespoons Brown Sugar

1 Cup Vegetable Oil

1 Head Romaine Lettuce, Torn

1 Pint Fresh Strawberries, Sliced

1 Cup Crumbled Feta Cheese


Step 1 In a skillet over medium-high heat, cook the almonds, stirring frequently, until lightly toasted. Remove from heat, and set aside.

Step 2 In a bowl, prepare the dressing by whisking together the garlic, honey, Dijon mustard, raspberry vinegar, balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, and vegetable oil.

Step 3 In a large bowl, toss together the toasted almonds, romaine lettuce, strawberries, and feta cheese. Cover with the dressing mixture, and toss to serve.


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