Diva Tasting:

How to Broil Lobster Tails


2 Whole Lobster Tails

½ Cup Butter, Melted

½ Teaspoon Ground Paprika

Salt To Taste

Ground White Pepper, To Taste

1 Lemon – Cut Into Wedges, For Garnish


Step 1 Preheat the broiler.

Step 2 Place lobster tails on a baking sheet. With a sharp knife or kitchen shears, carefully cut top side of lobster shells lengthwise. Pull apart shells slightly, and season meat with equal amounts butter, paprika, salt, and white pepper.

Step 3 Broil lobster tails until lightly browned and lobster meat is opaque, about 5 to 10 minutes. Garnish with lemon wedges to serve.


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