Diva Caring: Leading Lady….

I have not posted my thoughts, rants and opinions since COVID reared its ugly head. There was just too much negativity out there and I did not want to help lower the healing energies even more. However, I’m going to start back with some… occasionally. Even if I rant I will try to keep it humorous but thought provoking.

Today I pose the question. Do you ever feel as if you are only playing an extra in the movie that is your life? Do the people who are support you seem to overlook you, and not treat you as a main character? Then it is time to make a change. You are supposed to be the leading Lady/Gent in your own life. The all knowing Universe created us all that way. Only by giving up our birth right to others do we let this happen.

Feel your power and wonderful energy, Child of The Universe! We are all created to exude it, if we only choose to do so. Feel it, generate it, sparkle with it, let us see you shine!

Write your script the way the Universe intended. Move through each day with joyful intent. Let it vibrate in your spirit and give it to others the way we were meant to do. I can’t wait for your wonderful energies to reach me. Believe me I will know.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista

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