Diva Researching: Homemade Yard Pest Control…

Spring has Sprung! Time to get ready for deck sitting, firepit meditations and outdoor fun. Here is an old remedy someone sent me to assist with these endeavors.


1 Large Bottle Blue Mouthwash (inexpensive brand OK)

3 Cups Epsom Salt

3 -12 OZ. Bottles of Cheap Beer Stale


Mix 3 ingredients together until the salt is dissolved. Spray outside anywhere you sit, around pools, will not harm plants for flowers.

Mosquitoes will be gone for about 80 days. Spray in spring and summer twice. There will be No mosquitos in area sprayed by this liquid. Heard by a friend on Paul Harvey many years ago. The stronger you mix it the longer it lasts. Should have a minty smell.

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