Diva Ranting: Gratitude…

Diva Ranting…. Gratitude

I have not been ranting much since the virus began. There are too many unwanted opinions out there and I choose to not be one too often.

I live in a remote, rural, land locked area of Appalachia where over 50 percent of the inhabitants are on welfare or social disability. Generationally is now down 8 generations and getting younger each year. Our fast food and few factory employers cannot get enough people who will test drug free to work. The people who do get on soon quit and go back on assistance. This is fact, not rant.

Recently I started picking up breakfast for a couple of our employees each morning and met a wonder woman at the drive thorough who has a legitimate disability but still shows up each day and waits on customers with the a 5 star customer service attitude.

I kept my receipts and recently went online and completed a great survey in her honor. I mentioned that she is a rare commodity in this area and deserved to be praised. She told me the next day she got a $50.00 gift card, flowers and more from her company. I’ve never really known if these things get read, but it did pay off. Think about it. Can you take the time to help someone this way. It doesn’t take money only a little care and time. It will probably help with her next raise as well. Find little ways to make a difference in your area.

Namaste, As ever, I remain your, Queen Cronista


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