Anyone who has been on this cite for long knows my pet peeve in all of the 8 states I’ve lived in, is the nutcase drivers with no common sense. Can I have and Amen?

It seems the Covid has not only made people ill but is also eradicating all common sense from the Universe. Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse it has. It is not just an increase in failure to signal, stopping in the road for NO apparent reason, sitting forever at a 4-way stop until no one there knows whose on first?????…well, you get the picture.

This week someone was flying down the superstore parking lot against the arrow…again… with both sides packed with vehicles, leaving other i.e. me with no where to go. I was at the end almost ready to turn and this creature from another dimension was one car length into the wrong way. He could have easily backed up and let me pass. Instead he started blowing his horn and flailing his hands in sing language that did not look appealing. I am not skilled to back up an entire city block (the length of that parking lot) nor should I have to, in my opinion.

I’ve had it with these people. I had not where to be soon. I put my car in park, smiled, and picked up a magazine and began to read. His horn got louder and steady. I kept reading. I could hear muffled cursing coming through to my car window. I lowered my magazine, smiled and began reading again. After 15 minutes of refusing to back up ½ car length and let me get out of his way he kept on. After 20 minutes he walked up to my window (thankfully without a weapon; you never know these days), he banged on my window and screamed words I will not share. I lowered my magazine, smiled again and began to read again. People were walking past my car from other lanes and applauding (I suspect having the same thing happen).

Thankfully this good citizen got it, backed up, and got out of the way, so I and the three other vehicles now trapped could get pass. It was not that I had won a battle. It was the fact that I and three other vehicles literally had nowhere to go. The good citizen was invested in hostility and rage that day and not just doing the sensible, polite thing. I cannot honestly tell you I said a prayer for him as I should. However, I did pray that he did not take that anger out on someone else that day physically.

This was a situation where I could have gotten in a screaming match with this person…and in years gone by I probably would have, but it is getting so prevalent these days one has to choose a higher ground. I’m crazy on a good day so this is difficult for me. However, filling myself with the same venom of the “rager” in not the way the Universe constructed us. I can’t promise I will always take the higher ground, but I recognize in my Croneship that I do feel better when I don’t fall in to the traps of other baggage. As the saying goes, I pray I can always “stay strong”!

Namaste, The Queen Cronista…


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