Diva Musing: Playing The Leading Lady…

More Perspective-Leading Lady

I had an epiphany one bright day. So many of my female friends started seeking a more spiritual approach to live in their 40’s. They have always made fun of me, even my children, for being too woo*woo! My immediate family often wears foil hats and puts pots on their heads and takes funny pictures to send me. This is because they fear I can read their minds from afar and know better than to mess with me. But spirit has always been one of my main focuses in life. Letting them laugh does not offend me. It means I’m on solid ground and the leading lady in my life. 

How can we not realize that our essence is what makes us fit our place in the tapestry of life? Spirit is everything. Our guides and the Universe itself are there every day to make us aware of this fact. 

I began interviewing friends when they jumped on the spirit train. I found that so many had been letting those around them make them play the part of an extra in their own daily lives. These people are the ones who are supposed to care about you and support you on your journey. Don’t be judged. 

You are supposed to be the leading lady in the movie of your life. If those around you don’t support this then it’s time to make a change! Take charge, don’t be judged, follow the path that feels right for you. You cannot win an academy award for a part that is not right for you. 

I am a warrior at heart. Being brave is not a problem for me. If you don’t always feel fierce, spend a day at a time, being the warrior princess of what is right for you. Day by day it will become easier. Soon you will know no limits. “Practice makes perfect.” as the old cliché goes. 

Fear not! The Universe has specifically constructed each of us with a path to follow and one that is definitely rewarding. Seek and ye shall find…. Namaste, The Queen Cronista…

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