Diva Musing: Quest for Teachers…

Quest for Teachers

Over the years my travels have lead me to meditation mountain tops, churches, temples, gurus and teachers of rare quality. I’ve also kissed enough frogs (metaphorically) to know that just because you say you are enlightened does NOT keep you from being a frog.

What I have learned from these sojourns into spiritual enlightenment is…You are your own best teacher. At the end of the day your guides make sure you get all you need to know; if you just listen. Listening requires the focused practice of meditation and being still.

I still attend retreats and seminars of uplifting teachers. These same teachers, if on the path, will tell you the same thing. You are your own best teacher. Do not cut yourself short. Believe, meditate, be still! It will come.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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