Diva Musing: Forever Home…

Diva Musing- Forever Home..

For those of us who are animal lovers, we know what a forever home refers to. Recently I’ve been speaking of spirit and growth on our spiritual path. I had to ask myself at this juncture what that means to me.

I am one who never really fears death or illness or misfortune. I have been near death in 3 serious accidents. One where a Tahoe drove over my little car at top speed, scalped my head and I had to be revived twice, Once in the ambulance and once in trauma care. My head was scalped from fore head to the nape of my neck by my rear view mirror. They called in the hospital chaplain to give me last rights.

When I finally came to on the table, I was cracking bad jokes and ordering everyone around. I had just left the retina specialist and as a result of an angiogram my urine was florescent yellow. I wanted them to take an immediate blood test to assure them I was not chemically impaired and to get my purse for the doctors number and info. The trauma doctor said Ma am you need to quit making jokes, I’m trying to put your head back together and making me laugh is not helping. My point is, I was brought back from death’s door twice that day and I had not fear. This happened on a Friday at 2pm and I was at work 6 am the next Monday morning.

I’ve had more than a few dives to deaths door and it was not in the plan of the good Lord Himself to end my days. However, I began to question…”If”! If I had died, after I drew my last breath, where would my soul essence be for all eternity? Where was my forever home to be???

Heavy, I know, but it is something I ponder regularly now. Have I followed my path as I should? Have I done right by others. Have my intentions been in sync with the Universe? Only that last breath will ever tell. However, I have to admit I work more fiercely now on where I want my forever home to be.

If you don’t believe in the hereafter its not a problem for you. I personally keep hedging my bets.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista…


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