Is It Just Me?…

Is It Just Me?

I was having trouble with one of my “communication” accounts. I called the customer service number for help and it said to go online and click help!!! Then the call self terminated. It took me 3 hours to get assistance.

I got a customer service survey from another phone company account. I took it and completed it fully with a bad rating (It took 18 months of a 2 year contract to correct their $5K billing error.) I tried 4 time and it would not let me submit???? I notified the account executive by email. Like that will do any good.

I tried to sign up for my cable service to pay online. Even with a customer care assistant we could not get it to take any pass words I input. None of them had I ever used before anywhere??? I finally gave up and mailed it timely. I still got a late fee!

I spend about 3 hours each day wasting time to get customer care personnel because the websites are not working. Then they hang up and you have to call back and start all over. I can no longer tolerate any of the so called communication networks. What a waste of my employers time. Multiply that globally/daily and think of the waste. In so many words it is racketeering.

We hired some high school kids for summer work at minimum wage. Everytime I go to the rooms they are to be cleaning and moving furniture they are sitting and playing on cell phones!!!!! This is our future.

You Can’t Make this up….The other day I was standing in line behind a couple who were spending their unemployment checks. The cart had a 60 inch Smart TV, a video Game box, and Sound Bar. The woman asked the man…”will there be enough left to turn the electricity back on if we get this!!!?????

I rarely use fast food drive through. However, I was in a hurry and did so the other day. After repeating my 3 item order for the 4th time, they asked will there be anything else??? The order was still wrong when I got to the window to pay.

I was recently told that the metropolitan city, an hour away, the restaurants are offering $18.50 per hour for wait staff. Everybody is on endless unemployment and do not want to work. That is more than a recent graduate student I know, with a masters degree in finance, is getting for her first corporate job at $17.00 per hour! Some I know now say they’d rather get the unemployment than have a good job working from home…

This is our future, the people who are in charge of the future who do not want to work. Who will fill the tax coffers? YOU! Who will care for the sick, elderly, innocent, and impaired? YOU! I hope you are prepared for the burden. Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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