Diva Tasting: Let’s Pit Cherries…

Let’s Pit Cherries

How to Pit Cherries With a Cherry Pitter

The rock-hard pit or seed in the middle of a cherry is the last thing you want to bite into when you’re eating a luscious cherry pie or cobbler. And it will be the last thing you bite into, right before you make an emergency call to your dentist.

Pitting cherries with a cherry pitter is easy as it gets: place cherry in pitter, squeeze handle, pit pops out. If you’re working with large quantities of cherries, there are gadgets that can handle multiple cherries at one time (with a handy tool you can pit 25 pounds of cherries in just one hour)

If you don’t have a cherry pitter, you can use a sharp paring knife to cut the cherry all the way around from top to bottom, then twist the two halves apart in opposite directions. If you’re lucky, the cherry pit will pull away neatly from one half, but you’ll still need to use the point of your knife to dig it out from the other half of the cherry. Leaving you with two halves. That’s fine for most recipes, but what if you want whole pitted cherries? You’ll need to use one of these easy methods:

How to Pit Cherries Without a Cherry Pitter

1. Use a Cheap Fork and Pliers

You know you’ve got your hands on a cheap fork when you can easily bend it with a pair of pliers. But it does have its uses.

To remove a cherry pit with a fork, start by bending the two outside prongs all the way down using a pair of need-nose pliers. Next, bend the two middle brings down just at the tips to create a hook.

To pit the cherry, push the hook into the bottom of the cherry and pull it out. It’s as simple as that! But the real genius of this is you can use it to pull out the cherry pit from the bottom of the cherry, leaving the stem attached — perfect for making Chocolate Dipped Cherries

2. Use a Paper Clip

Who knew a common office supply could be used as a kitchen gadget? To do so, simply unfold the paper clip so you have a hook on both ends. Insert one end into the cherry and dig around until you are able to pop out the pit.

Grab an empty bottle (beer, soda, whatever), put a cherry on it stem-side-down (remove the stem first) and use the flat end of a chopstick to push the pit through the cherry and into the bottle. This makes for minimum clean-up and a pretty cool bar trick.



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