Diva Musing: Request for Repeat…

Blog Thoughts 3.23.21 Your Thoughts

I spend Sundays in deep prayer and meditation. I view many theological messages on YouTube and review the Bible, one of the great works of literature, I have yet to finish. Recently I heard a good thought…to paraphrase…Dr. Charles Stanley…Don’t think less of yourself than God thinks of you; He felt you were worth dying for on a cross… Every thought you have about yourself good or bad stays in your subconscious. Try to think only of yourself the way that God thinks of you. Loved and Worth dying for!

Dr Stanley went on to say….Always ask yourself… If I keep thinking these thoughts where will it lead me?
Do they get me where I want to go?
Are these thoughts spiritually acceptable?
Do my thoughts build me up or tear me down?
True love cost Jesus his life.
Lust and Addictions cost us our spiritual life.
How I’m going to find out? … keep… seeking how he thinks from above. Program your own control tower/hard drive with things from the Bible and good literature.
Control, control,…The Holy Spirit = (Your Thoughts)! It is all about your Spirit!
Your feet and your hands only travel where your mind has already gone!

In a nutshell he is saying, what I have printed often here on this blog,….

You become what you think about all day long.” Be careful how you program your hard drive.

Whatever your thoughts the genie in the lamp will grant you your thoughts. Be careful what you wish for….Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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