Diva Musing: The Power of Three…

By the Rule of Three

I’ve always believed in the rule of 3. I use to have my Divas all around the globe start a manifestation meditation on a certain date for 13 days we would meet at the same time in the appropriate time zone and meditate on manifestation a desire/wish. Here are a few of them that serves the greater good.

By the rule of three:
Three Things To Govern: Temper, Tongue, And Conduct
Three Things To Cultivate: Courage, Affection And Gentleness
Three Things To Commend: Thrift, Industry And Promptness
Three Things To Despise: Cruelty, Arrogance And In Gratitude
Three Things To Wish For: Health, Friends And Contentment
Three Things To Admire: Dignity, Grace On Us And Intellectual Power
Three Things To Give: Help To The Needy, Comfort To The Sad And Appreciation To The Worthy.


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