Diva Tasting: Cornmeal Gravy…

Over the weekend I learned about cornmeal gravy. The crones did not know about this Southern delicacy. So I contacted an old country cook and secured this one for you. Great with your favorite flaky biscuits, or anything begging for gravy.

Cornmeal Gravy


1/2 Cup Corn Meal

1 Cup Water

Salt And Pepper To Taste

1 Cup Milk Or Buttermilk

1 Teaspoon Oil Or Bacon Grease


In heavy skillet brown corn meal to a golden brown, add salt and pepper, then stir in the oil. Combine the milk and water and pour as much as needed to boil. Make sure the gravy is thin enough, because it will thicken slightly after it is cooked. Let boil for about 2 minutes.

You can also fry a little sausage, then add the cornmeal to brown and go from there. The sausage will release fat to cook the gravy. Leave the sausage bits in it for extra flavor.


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