Diva Tasting: Dessert for Pasta Dishes..

I’m posting some good pasta dishes the next couple of days and something quick in a glass is one of my favorites to go with pasta. Hope you enjoy…

Nonni’s Quick Zabaglione


2 Cup Strawberries – Hulled, Halved And Sliced

2 Teaspoons White Sugar

1 Pkg Instant French Vanilla Pudding

½ 8 Oz Frozen Whipped Topping Thawed

½ Cup Ricotta Cheese

¼ Cup Prepared Instant Espresso Coffee


Step 1 Gently stir the strawberries and sugar together in a bowl. Cover and let sit at room temperature until juices release, about 1 hour.

Step 2 Divide fruit between 6 small, clear parfaits or stemmed cocktail glasses.

Step 3 In a medium mixing bowl, Prepare pudding according to package directions. Fold in whipped topping ricotta cheese, and prepared espresso.

Step 4 Spoon custard over the strawberries top with whole strawberry. Serve with shortbread cookies on side. Serves 6-8


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