Diva Musing: Universal Goals…

The Universal Goal

If you do not want a swift kick from the Karma Cops we need to be thoughtful of the requirements of our one and only source power.

We must bear in mind the basic Universal Law…”Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”!! You cannot have an ‘a la carte menu. We must treat all of creation as part of us, tied together with that silver cord that makes us one. We have the right to discern but NOT to judge. That is such a difficult task. I am often such a “judgey Smurf”….

Conscious commitment to the right way is firm rule and our spirit and guides tell us when we are causing a wobble in the Universal force. If we choose wisely there is no amount of rewards too much for us. Choose poorly and take your chances with the Karma Cops.

Discord with our Universal Source darkens our sky from the Sun. If we stay committed to the right path chosen for us, there will be no dark skies. Let your Source given gifts lighten your world and help others to uplift theirs to bright skies as well.

You hold the key to your future. Do not even try to open the chest if you have the wrong key. The attempt can be futile and devastating. Tempting fate is never a good idea.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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