Diva Kitchen Tip: Chicken Salad How To…

Kitchen Tricks 101-Chicken Salads

Once you’ve nailed the basics of chicken salad, there are endless ways to customize the classic dish to your liking. Nicole McLaughlin shows off a simple approach that gets seriously good results with just 3 steps.

Chicken Choices

“The best chicken salad is made with boneless, skinless chicken breast. Season your chicken well before covering with foil and baking at 300° for 60-80 minutes. Chop to the texture you desire and dress accordingly.

Dressed to the Nines…

It all starts with mayonnaise. Add sour cream, Dijon mustard, and a generous squeeze of lemon juice for a lusciously bright flavor.

Next, you’ll add something sweet to counter the sharpness of the mixture. Sweet relish is a great options for bringing perfect balance to your chicken salad dressing. Freshly chopped scallions, parsley, and dried dill combine for a deliciously crisp finish. I also do a savory version with green salad olives.

What to Add…

Make your chicken salad with the good add-ins. Simple add-ins are diced celery, onion, or hard boiled eggs.

If you prefer a sweet, curried chicken salad, you’ll follow the same steps with a few swaps. Add in grapes, toasted pecans, and chopped apples. I’m not big on this but most of the people I know like it.

You may follow the same thought processes when making egg salad, tuna salad, ham salad or other sandwich friendly salads. Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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