Diva Rambling: Stop Blaming Yourself…

Stop Blaming Yourself or Don’t Should on Yourself

Release is the best teacher…

I speak from experience when I say…”Let it G”. Holding on to guilt and wrong doing of your past serve no purpose. Stop blaming yourself for your bad choices. You had to press the edge of reason to become who you are.

Look around and the generations that followed you and your gang. They all must go thorough the stage of “testing the water”…some for longer periods than others. Almost all teenagers go though the season of “the valley of darkness”. Whether it is rebellion, sex, being an unfortunate follower of a bad crowd, or just depression and lonesomeness. They all do it and almost all get through it. You did.

One of the things I’ve learned is that there are going to be many blind spots in my life with my children as well as with others. I’m not the ruler of the Universe, and I can’t be perfectly on spot with everything in my life. I’m going to fail at some things. The focus must be on The Soul Source Of Power (God because He is in control of everything).

Every trial I’ve been blessed with has made me stronger and taken my spiritually questing soul forward. Once I learned to release; let go let God, things got better. Surrender to the All-Knowing Universe is the best plan I’ve come up with to date.

Someone once told me “Don’t should on yourself.” Good advice to follow. Many of the youth today who are being raised over-entitled, without discipline or value systems will not survive. You choose. Howe are you raising your children and grandchildren? Only the strong survive. Someone raised with no value system, ethic, or tribulation will not make it out alive. When you/they draw their last breath and reopen their eyes, where will they be? Namaste, The Queen Cronista…


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