Diva Musing: Manifesting and Mediation…

What Its all About….Meditation…Manifestation

We’ve posted many times on meditation and manifestation. Let’s take a quick review by means of simple formulas….

Mindset = Intention: Why are you manifesting? Is your purpose for outcome good intention?

Mood = Emotion:

Emotion= Energy in Motion Engulf yourself in the feelings you get behind in manifestation. Envision it in the here and now. Always seeing it in the future keeps it in the future.

Method =Meditation: You need to clearly see what you are manifesting as clearly as if it is in your hand or the room with you. Some tools to help you focus and anchor the outcome are crystals, filling jars with your intentions by writing them down.

Meditation is about working with the positive energies that bring forth manifestations to reality. Focus on the here and now to have what you want in the here and now. The more I practice the more it happens immediately. Focus!!!!!


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