Diva Researcing: Immune Supplement Cocktail….

Food For Thought- COVID Supplements…

When I use to teach corporate management classes, I taught…”Hire your better, and get out of their way.” The pay off of doing that was never a let down.

Now that I am a crone of some wisdom, I find that applies to my friendship circle as well. Luckily many of my friends are geniuses and I gain from their counsel every day. One such friend, a cancer recovery patient, has been researching ways to keep the Covid nastiness and all other viral critters at bay. Below is the summary of the concoction he researched to do just that. Some of the supplements are merely to aid in proper absorption of the needed good stuff. I like a good summary. Its like its own capsule.

As always do your own research, use your own discernment and pick what feels right for you.

The total regiment is:

Quercetin 500mg,

Bromelain 500mg,

Zinc 50mg,

Vitamin C 1000mg, and Vitamin D 5,000IU (also if you can get the Vitamin D in gel caps with coconut oil it will help the body metabolize the D better)


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