Diva Musing: Time….

Preacher Humor

It took so long it was like trying to boil water over the picture of a lightning bug”.

I was flipping channels on Sunday and came across a little Southern Preacher quoting an old Southern Preacher from years ago. I laughed at how many situations this quote applied to, to everyone.

  • Waiting in a Doctors Office
  • Sitting at an Emergency Room
  • Waiting for the dental numbing to wear off so you can eat without dribbling
  • Waiting to get through a left turn traffic light in LA or any large city
  • Waiting for a job interview

And the list goes on. Life is filled with wonderful personal time wasted by those with no concern for time passing or others life force. But at least now I can smile while I sit playing my word games waiting for the doctor that may or may not show up. D

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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