Diva Ranting: Negativity Online….

2022 Blog Rant on Negative Video Games

Can someone out there please tell me why, why, why they put out these video games as ads on my word game apps…. about adultery and cheating, about being unkind and throwing people out in the cold? Overall trash games to let people soak in trash and melancholy.

Do you know what kind of energy that puts out in the world? And why the hell would anybody want to play that… when our own lives are full of so much garbage on media, news and everywhere. We need to be focusing on good not bad?

I have to turn the screen away or I turn away from these ads, no choice to skip. The people developing these games must have been birthed in buggies from hell. Demonic minds with ill intent and loathing of the human race. This is not judgment but basic psychological fact.

I rant to ask that you be kinder to yourself, no matter what your situation, to NOT play these games or indulge the sponsors to make them rich at your expense. There are too many things on the internet about, fairies, angels, cute animals, darling innocent children at play with their animals, good witches remedies and chants. The list of goodness is endless. I only ask that you put your attention and intentions toward those things that add to the good of all.

Good energy=good results. The proper vibrations from each of us does far more good that we imagine. The Universal Life Force knows our intent and honors it.

Be one of those.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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