Diva Musing: Karma Cafe…

Karma Cafe …you always get what you deserve….The Source

The Genie of the lamp always responds with ….you bet, got it, done!!! The Universe your One Source, whatever you call it, says yes. Be careful what you ask for, and be specific. You might notice how much more quickly you get a positive response when you give thanks in advance.

Your life was set in forward position from day one. How you learn to control your thoughts, desires, gratitude, gratefulness and compassion is all up to you. The Universe has your back to guarantee success. Your intentions will always, eventually show up in your day to day life. No matter what mask you wear in public, The Universe KNOWS!! The energy swirling around you at any given point is a mirror reflection of your true self.

A good Tarot reader will tell you they are reading a snapshot in time of your current energy potential. Not telling the future. They are giving you the read on the energy fields most impacting your life at the moment. The information is for you to ponder, use, ignore or take advantage of one way or another. The choices you make now may impact your energy fields at a later date, but you can deal with those in the moment.

What you see, feel, speak all day long becomes your life path for that period of time and possibly more. The blame game has no place with the Life Source/Universe. It can’t be fooled.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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