Diva Update: Email and Updates…

UPDATE FROM THE CRONES…Croneuniverse.1@gmail.com

We are trying to keep up the post in spite of the life challenges we have all faced in recent rears. I wanted to remind you of several things.

We are posting several post a day on many days, now including Sunday. We post breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts all on the same day at times so keep and eye out. We post soups and comfort food all year round because our followers are global and some folks are in the middle of winter when others are in the middle of summer.

You may make requests or comments to us by commenting on the cite or email us at:

Croneuniverse.1@gmail.com We love feedback, share with us/the world, talk, to us or just comment. Just a reminder before you… do read our section on about us first. We are loving crones but we take no crap from anyone anywhere.

We will be posting some hot tips more, often along with recipes… so watch the daily posts and try to get all of them. I’ll be pulling out Grandmas and Aunt Mary’s special tips more often. Nobody could make a kitchen as fun and delicious as them.

We joke we are semi retired but the fact is we work several jobs to keep the lights on. One of my biggest pet peeves is not being able to get the posts consistent on this website. I hope you forgive that?

At the end of the day we just want to interact with all the wonderful people we can touch and provide good recipes for all kitchens everywhere. Words of wisdom from the grandmothers and ancestors now channeling memories from another dimensions are as much a gift to us as all of you.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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