Diva Musing: Public Enemy Number 1…Malignant Narcissist…

Malignant Narcissist public enemy Number 1

I have this place where I go hang and observe. If you have been with us awhile you know I study the Malignant Narcissist and the harm they do to society. I did not learn to identify them until my sixties so I may be behind the rest of you. I’ve learned they cannot and will not ever change. They are malicious in intention, usually hiding in lambs clothing. They use money, power, attention, affection and control at ALL times.

You will note that all conversations end up being about them and the comparison to any story being told at the time. They absorb other stories and ideas like one of those alien ship traveling the galaxies stealing life from everything.

They are the master of the blame game. It is always someone else fault. It is always their genius vs. others stupidity. Their disease/condition is far more unusual, or worse than the rest of the population. Their healing or recovery from trauma is a “Miracle” which the World should honor as fact. Your safe recovery is but that of a peasant who needs to be ignored.

The fact that I am late in the study of this incurable phenomenon gives me pause for some guilt. I realize I am late in the game because it is so hard to accept that someone who is supposedly genetically related or should be your best friend can be so very poisonous.

Every time you say…”Yup, that’s her to a T, you feel guilty and wonder if you should re-think!!! STOP IT NOW! You having guild over anything that has to do with a malignant narcissist is an effort in futility. The God of our Universe does not intend us to be treated this way.

Learn: ignore, stay away, offer no information that let’s them have fuel to abuse you. Absence does not make the heart grow fonder in this case. Absence shows a high level of intelligence, compassion and self-protection needed to live a good life you deserve and they would deprive you of….

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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