Diva Tip of The Day…Here is My Repost…

Hot Health Tips of the Day…

I have a good friend who has been a cancer recovery patient for at least 6 years now. Besides the fact he is a computer genius…well genius generally, he researches supplements, holistic websites, and verifies their authenticity and validity every way he can. The most recent concoction he has compiled is below. It helps the immune system ward off evil bacteria AND viruses. I’m taking it now and feel better each day.

Anti-Covid Cocktail

The total regiment is:

Quercetin 500mg,

Bromelain 500mg,

Zinc 50mg,

Vitamin C 1000mg, and

Vitamin D 5,000IU (also if you can get the Vitamin D in gel caps with coconut oil it will help the body metabolize the D better).

Take Once a Day twice is better.

COLLOIDAL SILVER; Additional health tip of the day. I also made my own colloidal silver machine (instructions are online). Our local eye, ear nose and throat specialist recommended it 40 years ago and I’ve used it since. No virus or bacteria can survive in a silver environment. Buy it on the shelves and it is not trustworthy generally. If Store bought, should not be older than 30 days, stored in dark GLASS bottles and shelves, and it is very expensive. Colloidal Silver is photo sensitive, must be stored in the frig, in the dark. I make a pint at a time and use for several days, and it only cost pennies after your make your machine.

Note: Be Careful not to take too much. It will turn your skin and irises blue. Rumor is, that is were the term “blue blood” came from. During the plagues of Europe only the royalty could afford silver. They used it to ward off the plagues. However, as royalty tends to do, they did it in excess and tended to have a blue tinge to the eyes and skin as a result. Consult your holistic practitioner for the dose best for you.

6 inch Silver Rods are easy to obtain. The rods must never touch in the jar or it will short the batteries. Mine last at least a year. I use distilled water or tap water. I replace my batteries about once a year. I manufacturer in a dark place with a clean towel over the Glass” jar. All information is online for your discernment.

I made some for a friend who had a staff infection for 6 months. Not one of the antibiotics they gave her, and they gave her many, cured it. She took the silver for a week and it was gone. Again, consult your holistic practitioner if you are unsure.


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