Diva Musing: Kitchen Cooking Hints…

If you are a mom, and need more effective efficient time in the kitchen these are only a few of the things I figured out years ago to make things better and faster….Now it appears everybody has done the same.

Enjoy, The Queen Cronista

33 Cooking Hacks to make food better

1. “I add puréed or shredded carrots to my tomato sauce. It really cuts the acidity without the extra added sugar. Everyone always raves about my pasta sauce.

2. “I use Kraft Mac cheese packets to season my popcorn. It’s life-changing.”

3. “If you’re making cookies from bagged or boxed mix, substitute whatever butter you usually use for Kerrygold butter. Something about salted Irish butter will take your cookies to the next level.

4. “I add a pinch of salt to hot chocolate, and people go crazy for it. But it’s only hot cocoa mix, milk, and salt. The extra sodium doesn’t make it salty at all. In fact, it somehow brings out more of the chocolate flavor.”

5. “The secret to incredible tomato sauce is butter. Try putting a decent amount of butter into your red sauce and let it simmer. It will taste so much better, but no one will be able to guess the secret.”

6. “Try adding a touch of horseradish to your mashed potatoes…especially garlic mashed potatoes. It’s a game-changer. It adds a ton of flavor without being too noticeable or overpowering.”

7. “If you want a cheap and easy meal that will blow your mind, toss instant beef-flavored ramen with some peanut butter and sriracha. It’s creamy, savory, spicy, sweet, and totally divine.”

8. “If you’re used to making grilled cheese with butter, try swapping that butter for a light layer of mayonnaise and a sprinkle of garlic salt on the outside of your bread. It makes for an incredible grilled cheese sandwich.”


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