Diva Commenting: Stuff and Such….

We are now posting on Sundays to get more out to you. The recipes on this site are ours, tweaked over time and many dinner parties and gatherings. We even retweak them when a new flavor profile hits us.

We hope they are bringing smiles to your faces as you do to our hearts. All recipes can be modified with low-fat options for health purposes. I’ve always believed that if it says non-fat, the definition is chemical shit storm. My own DO told me to use a little real butter rather than margarine or butter substitutes. You can research this yourselves. Nothing better that the real thing…always in moderation. We did just find a plant based butter that is very good if you must substitute.

I haven’t checked Email lately since the grandchildren are here for a visit. But I will get back to you if you write for individual requests or questions. Croneuniverse.1@gmail.com

Namaste The Queen Cronista


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