Diva Caring: More Kitchen Hacks from the Grandmothers…

Place an ice cube on any leftover food you’re microwaving to add moisture while reheating. The ice won’t melt but it adds steam to your food. It’s especially useful for rice.

If you run out of breadcrumbs and are in a pinch, just toast a slice of bread and grate it into fine pieces. Or use a food processor.

Making your own flavored butter is so easy, and it’s the easiest way to upgrade a meal. Just soften a pat of butter and add anything from herbs or garlic to chili pepper. Shape the butter into a cylinder on wax paper, roll it up, and freeze it. Whenever you want to use it, just use a warm knife to slice off a portion. Keep multiple different flavored butters in the freezer at all times.

Suggest Adding a layer of Greek yogurt or mayonnaise on top of fish fillets like salmon before baking them. It prevents the fish from drying out on the oven, keeping it moist and flaky.

Save leftover bacon grease and sauté onions with it, or just use bacon grease instead of olive oil or butter when you’re making anything that could use a little extra flavor boost.


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