Diva Ranting: Why We Are Alone…

I’ve always had OCD… a I count and observe patterns. Can’t help myself. In the last 10 years I’ve noticed that media tools at our finger tips have changed lives immensely. I sit in Church and at restaurant and listen and observe. Conversations have developed in patterns just like everything else. Years ago, in the mid 90’s, I attended a conference for mediators in San Diego. The keynote speaker was a woman on the White House staff who had written a book on global distancing in communication. She projected then that the people of the world would be more isolated in 20 years because of computers. One area in particular was how, in spite of instant communications with phones, email, etc., we would use these more than face-to-face communications. Remind that texting was not an issue even then. Fast forward to today and the topic is more relevant than she even knew, I think. Patterns I’ve been logging the last 10 years are indicators. Here is my list of a few:

Why We Are Alone…

-people are busy with work
-people are busy with their own social circle
-people are glued to their cell phones
-people no longer communicate face-to-face
-no one wants to hear your story not even the good ones.
-people still pretend to like you but only if you’re smiling.
-people want to tell you they’re sad tail and ass ache’s and then leave you alone.
-social distancing is now a lame excuse to ignore people.
-We’re Staying away from grandparents so we don’t lower their immune system; The New bullshit!
– Duty contact… Text, phone, email, just so they can say they did. But oh so empty of heart or soul; all of it!
– Superficial time spent (especially with the elderly) instead of quality time spent… if any at all.
– Good Manners have been thrown out the window so you’d almost rather be alone all the time.

– Family values have evaporated into the nebula and the gatherings at table, and reunions, are few and far between, generally speaking.

– Touching is considered unhealthy and obscene in many venues. We have forgotten the studies done with baby rhesus monkeys. The group left untouched died!

– Parents allow cell phones and notepads to baby sit instead of eye to eye with their precious one.

The list could go on forever, but you get the gist. If this list made you squirm a little, you are one of those with a soul and heart still in tact. If it did not make you squirm a little then words are wasted on you in any forum.

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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