Diva Tasting: Twist on Scrambled Eggs…

Twist on Scrambled Eggs…

I could quite happily eat eggs every day for any meal. I love eggs for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner. I want my scrambled eggs soft, creamy, not dry. My suggestion for youris: (for two servings) 5 large eggs, salt and pepper, and a splash of cream. I cook the whisked eggs in butter, over the lowest heat possible on the stove, stirring constantly, for a very long time. But recently, I’ve come across a true game-changer on the scrambled eggs front. Now I have a new twist/suggestion.

Use the 5 whole eggs, salt and pepper ratio, but have introduced two new options/ changes. First, the splash of cream is replaced by a small splash of good olive oil. Suggest the use of the extra-virgin olive oil that you use for daily cooking. This enhances the flavor. They taste more like eggs, without effect of dairy…

Then introduce a bit of dairy without dulling the eggs’ flavor. Place a knob of butter (suggest 1 tablespoon) in a small, nonstick skillet, and turn the heat to at least medium-high. As soon as the butter begins to brown, I take the skillet off the heat, add the eggs, and immediately stir with a silicone spatula until the heat of the pan dies down and the scrambled eggs stop cooking — about ⅔ of the eggs will be cooked at this point. Multi task remaining sides while they cook. The eggs will take only moments, over low heat, to finish cooking when you’re almost ready to serve and eat. The amount of time you choose to cook the eggs at this stage is up to you.

This suggestion to scrambled eggs has made my mornings incredibly easier. I like mine with crisp bacon and grilled rye toast with good Amish Butter.


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