Diva Tasting: Frisee’ Salad…

Frissee Salad

Frisée, aka curly endive, is a leafy green with frilly leaves and a subtly bitter flavor. It’s part of the chicory family and technically a type of endive, though Belgian endive looks much different with its cylindrical shape. Frisee is most well-known for its starring role in the French Lyonnaise salad, served with a poached egg and bits of bacon or lardon.

This frisee salad recipe is an elegant side salad that’s versatile and works with many types of meals. Here’s what you’ll need for this salad recipe:

Frisée (curly endive)



Manchego cheese: a robust Spanish cheese we highly recommend finding! Or, substitute shaved Parmesan cheese

Sliced almonds

Mint leaves

White wine vinaigrette

Tips on working with frisee

This feathery lettuce is a bit different from a head of romaine or iceberg, but it’s simple to work with. Here are a few notes on working with this leafy green:

Can’t find it at the store? It might be marked frisee, curly endive, or even endive lettuce (that was the case at our local grocery).

Expect variation in size and texture. Some heads of frisee are very small and frizzy, others have larger leaves (like the photo above). This varies based on the maturity of the lettuce. We prefer a younger, more tender plant because it’s fluffier with a milder flavor, but it can be hard to find.

Store unwashed, then wash and thoroughly dry before serving. It’s important to get the greens as dry as possible before you work with them, so the dressing adheres to the leaves.


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