Diva Ranting: Overentitlement….

I haven’t’ had a good RANT in awhile. Here is mine for today….

Diva Rant November

Is it just me? I leave to got to the bank at 8 AM in a heavy fog. So heavy you can only see 3 car links ahead. Fifty Percent of the traffic does not have on their headlights. Public service alert. Grey colored cars are the ones most likely to be involved in auto accidents. When my gray SUV was hit on a clear day I was run over by a huge SUV who said they didn’t see me. The EMS had to revive me twice and once in trauma care where they sewed my scalped head back together. Just sayin!! People for your safety and that of others use common sense and turn on your lights.

So, I get to the bank and the lobby is supposed to open at 8:30 AM. I’m standing there with a commercial deposit and about 20 pounds of coins. At 8:32 the teller opens the front door with a scowl, like the customers entering so early did not fit her plan. While she was counting the change in another room I wrote on one of her business cards sitting on the counter, under her name…”needs to learn to smile”! I hope God will forgive me. I looked at it as free training advice for the bank. Around here that is all you get everywhere all day long. I hope where you live it is better.

I go through the drive thru afterward and the oatmeal bar I order is yesterdays and almost burnt. The Biscuit I ordered is all crumbled in the wrapping so it falls all over me when opened. All of this joy before 9 AM.

It concerns me that today’s workforce has gone to the dogs. Employers cannot find employee who are willing to perform for the jobs they accepted. Employers won’t accommodate people who will show up on schedules that meet family or personal needs. Employers should agree, if possible, to arrange shifts to suit the morning person vs. the night owls. The caregivers and guardians who will gladly work if their home care needs can be met when they can get quality care for their children, shut in parent, special need relative. Pareto’s Law always applies. 80 percent of the people are willing to do their best if accommodated, 20 percent, the over-entitled, are not and cause problems for the rest of the staff and the employer. Human Capital controls are out the window and anarchy rules. Fifty years in corporate America has seen many unneeded changes. Where do we go from here?

Namaste, The Queen Cronista


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