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  1. WE HAVE ARRIVED-2 Juicy Crones
    Posted on October 19, 2015 by croneuno

    At last we have arrived! These two juicy old crones are on loan to you from the Universe. We are here to bring our respectfully irreverent natures to everyone. We will blog about life, health, recipes, herbs/spices, gardening and generally anything else that comes to our minds(reverent or irreverent).

    We are not discerners of persons. We love people, all of nature, and all of God’s creation. What we do not like are mean-spirited bullies, whiney wimps, overly politically correct individuals, anyone with no sense of humor, and people who wake up invested only on being incensed over everything every day. Go away! Do not visit this blog.

    However, if you like food, fun, and enjoy a sense of humor with that delicious, respectful irreverence, that only two juicy old crones can bring to your world; then join us each day.

    We will bring wonderful recipes collected from mountain women and grandmothers from everywhere. We will tell old wives tales, and relate mountain remedies passed down through the ages. We expect that if you are wise enough to be on this blog that you will do your own research and only use those suggestions which resonate to your personal instinct. We are not doctors, lawyers, or politically correct in anyway. We are old, we are wise, and we are definitely irreverent. The faint of heart need not sign on. Oh, did we mention we also have a general disregard for stupid! One of our biggest pet peeves!

    So, strap on your funny bone, and join us for a good laugh, interesting suggestions, good recipes and whatever else comes to mind each day. We love you all, and we hope you visit us soon and often.

    From the heart,
    Croneuno and LavenderCrone

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