Recipe of the Day-Egg Free Chocolate Mousse

Egg Free Chocolate Mousse 1 Cup                  Heavy Cream or Non Dairy Whipped topping 8 Oz                    Semisweet Chocolate, meled and cooled 1 Tbs                   Instant Espresso Coffee 2 Tbs                   Amaretto or Coffee Liqueur (Optional) Use Good Vanilla Extract if no liqueur 1 Cup                   Confectioners Sugar Topping:           Whipped Cream or  Non Dairy Whipped topping, Chocolate Shavings (optional) On …

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Recipe of the Day-Twist on Kugel

My Jewish friends often have Kugel as a Passover meal.  Below is one I think you might enjoy. Kugel with Vegetables:   Oven 375°   9"X13"Pan      Serves 16 *Finely dice or shred all vegetables 1/2 tsp.                     Kosher Salt and Pepper 3 Tbsp.                      Matzo Meal 3 Eggs                       Beaten 4 Cloves                   Garlic Minced 1 Medium                …

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HURDLES I have missed being here with those who tune in and even those who don't.  This year has been full of Hurdles for both the Crones.  Physical maladies, weather, technical issues the list goes on and on.  However, I am a firm believer that the Universe provides a positive solution for each Hurdle and …

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